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Besides jumpstarting your 2018 creative business, you ALSO get;
  • Goal Setting Worksheet and Guide with detailed steps 
  • Examples you can relate to as a creative business owner 
  • 5 tips to staying productive 
  • Goal Wheel 
  • Invitation to Embrace Creatives: Where Artists do Business
  • And a special discount on your very own private coaching session with me!
Join me on January 16th from 7-8pm 

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Andrea Rosenfeld

Detroit Art & Business Institute, LLC
Embrace Creatives, LLC

Andrea has spent close to a decade educating artists and designers from across the country in professional development strategies, empowering them to find their confidence, higher value and profits. Her goal is to eradicate the "starving artist" mindset using mindful business education, growth connections and sales opportunities. 

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